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In addition to delivering assessment services Dr. Schwartz is Principal of the Vancouver Learning Centre.  In this capacity she trains and supervises the faculty and provides ongoing professional development to support them in their delivery of the unique programs she designs for each student based on his or her neuropsycholgical and educational assessment.

Dr. Schwartz also makes school visits where appropriate to integrate the Vancouver Learning Centre program with a student’s school or college program.

Dr. Schwartz supervises all Vancouver Learning centre programs and leads the faculty in providing positive problem solving for each student’s program as needed.

In addition, counseling and mentoring services are provided to students, families and faculty as they strive to achieve excellence and delivery of personal best outcomes regardless of the extent of the learning difference the student presented when assessed.

Dr. Schwartz serves as a long-term partner to parents as their student proceeds on his or her learning journey.  This partnership in learning sometimes continues well past the completion of the student’s attendance at the Vancouver Learning Centre as students and their parents become part of Vancouver Learning Centre community alumnae.  A parent advisory group is active in supporting Dr. Schwartz and the Vancouver Learning Centre faculty often years after they have benefited personally from their association with the Vancouver Learning Centre.


Dr. Schwartz has provided a robust and dynamic example of “best practices” in psychology over a long professional career.  She is continuously learning herself in order to provide new and innovative strategies to the faculty and to especially mentor and encourage each member of the Faculty team to stretch their own skills to serve the students.  As Principal, she serves to inspire leadership in each teacher so that together the team can inspire each student to a personal best outcome.

Most importantly, all psychology services supervised and led by Dr. Schwartz are centred directly on the unique needs of each client.  It is this lifetime focus that has led to the strong evidence-based outcomes experienced by the students at the Vancouver Learnning Centre.

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